My coaching sessions were an amazing journey and I’ve certainly come a long way since the start, ready to launch myself as a freelance communications and editorial expert.   I have only worked with one coach before – it led to nothing and was, frankly, a waste of time. The experience with Maurice has been quite different.  He helped me assess my professional options,  and make a U-turn, and give me the support I needed to branch out by myself. He was tough when appropriate and sharp yet also supportive and encouraging where due. He picks up on the smallest nuances and was relentlessly committed to getting me where I want to be and generous with his time.  He provided many resources between sessions and made himself available for further insights after our contracted session. He’s a very effective facilitator and challenged me on life-long beliefs and helped me my essence and what was blocking my success and full potential. For someone who has always struggled with my work choices, battled against the organisations I’ve worked for and often been unhappy and overly stressed in my jobs, this has been eye-opening.  The world is my oyster and I now know it, which is why I highly recommend Maurice as coach, consultant and guide.

Jeanine Beck - Consultant,