Unlocking Quantum Success

As with all things that are worth-while there is a direct link between effort and outcome. The purpose of this page is for information purposes as we already leverage the principles of quantum mechanics as a tool to for more general coaching programs to enable clients get the outcomes they seek.  Naturally if you are going to the effort of reading this it may be that you simply have a wish to know more about the principles behind this powerful system for your own ends.  You may alternative wish to embark on our specific QUANTUM SUCCESS PROGRAM.  Either way the fat that you are reading this is to your credit and given our mission helping people succeed in their unique way, then we are happy to share this with you. Be warned though as some of it may not all make sense to you as what is presented here is in effect the DNA of what we work with and what applies to us as human beings whether we are aware of it or not.

Unlocking Quantum Success

Like in any form of code breaking we are sure you will agree that patience is a virtue, and if so you already show the signs of a wise person and have the potential for greater success. In our experience, all does come to those who wait assuming we know what we want, even if that is a challenge.  Yet here’s the bombshell, we attract what we "are" not what it is we "want".   So why is that?  The answer is based on the pioneering work of the 1918 Nobel Prize winner Max Planck, who demistyfied what some term as "universal laws".

Planck was an esteemed acolyte of Einstein and also known as the father of quantum physics or quantum mechanics as it is often referred to.   While his work is very technical many have distilled it into numerous different forms to enable more real life application.  It is only recently – as little as in the last 5 years – we have come to understand what it means to us in terms of its link to human success and endeavour.   Fortunately it is not necessary to be a scientist to appreciate the main aspects of quantum mechanics nor leverage its extraordinary power.  What you do need however is to find the right guide, coach or mentor who understands how it works in order to show you how you can use it for your own ends, those of others, and even the wider world.

You are both the Solution and the Problem

To have a solution often means we are part of the problem and so even understanding this is a part of the solution. You are likely familiar with the famous Einstein quote "wno problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it".   Wayne Dyer puts it this way “change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”.   What he is referring to here is perception, or our lens and filters, which simply put means we choose to see what we want to see.   So what is it that is real, what you wish to see or what you actually see?  More specifically what we see creates our belief and this in turn drives our emotions which come around to support our beliefs.  As this cycle reinforces itself our personal reality becomes our personality!  So what are you focusing on and feeding right now?

They say Knowledge is Power 

In some ways what Einstein was saying is that we can only act on what it is we know at a given time and that the outcomes of our actions will be determined by this then relative knowledge.  In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson "knowledge is knowing that we cannot know".  In qualifying this another way, what he is referring to is wisdom and its nucleus which is awareness.  Emerson's message is profound in that it also tells us we do not have to understand something in order to extract the benefits.  That is like not having to understand how an engine works in order to drive a car.  By analogy it also means we can take action now based on a future outcome we wish to experience.  In other words we can act from a place of nowness as if a future desired outcome were already realised.  This simple proven truth is very powerful yet in practice hard for many to conceive let alone invoke.  It is nonetheless one of the cornerstones to leveraging quantum success and if you wish to travel through time and go back to the future you'll need these coordinates.

From Information to Transformation

We live in a world of increased knowledge, which for many is mistakenly considered the greater source of power.  With this as the prevailing paradigm it is no wonder many do not succeed as they should and could.  You may be familiar with the expressions: it's not what you know but what you can show, and actions speak louder than words, which tells us that getting things done is one source of empowerment. Yet is it not knowledge, we hear you say that drives what it is we do and how we do it?  Yes, along with our past experiences that make up our experiential knowledge, and our academic knowledge.   Ever wondered where the expression a body of knowledge comes from?

We can qualify the two terms more simply as bodily knowledge and mind knowledge - the former being our lived experience the latter is that acquired mentally (non-experienced knowledge).  Which do you think is the most powerful?  Yes, the bodily knowledge as it penetrates our cells which modern research shows have their own memory systems.  So we learn as we are doing and by doing. The subtlety here is that through our actions we trigger a creative process which takes on a life of its own as it creates energy and with it vibration (like a radio frequency). More on this later! So clearly getting things done is a source of experiential learning, which leads to applied knowledge, which leads to wisdom.  So what’s new we hear you say?  Suffice it to say at this stage that what we "do" and “know” are not the only drivers behind the outcomes we get in life.   Ever wondered about intention?

The Power of Intention

Another key component of success is determined by the “intention” we have when we “do” things.   It is true that where attention goes energy flows but the source of that energy is intention.  How often are we aware of why we do things and how do we become aware? Intention” is supported by our awareness or as Einstein would put it our consciousness.   You may be familiar with the Buddhist principle of Karma, often coined in the phrase what goes around comes around.  This is often interpreted as an “action based principle” and if we do bad things then they have negative consequences and if we do good things they have positive ones.  If that were true why do we also say “bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people”?  The answer lies not in the action but in the “intention”.  If therefore we act on the surface in a good way yet our underlying intention is not so good, then it is the latter that will determine the outcomes.  So while it is true that actions do speak louder than words it is the “why” behind the things we do that lights our destiny.  As Gandhi so eloquently put it your thoughts become our words, your words become your behaviour, your behaviour becomes your habits, your habits become your values, and your values that become your destiny.

Quick wins versus making success a habit

If you’ve got this far we know what you’re probably thinking where are the quick wins?  They do exist but don’t be fooled by the promise of quick easy success, which you find these days in abundance.  No-one to date has reinvented the wheel as far as we know even if today it does come in all shapes, sizes and colours. The wisdom of the East and that of the great philosophers is still true today and perhaps even more so as science can now explain what was previously based on - dare we say "faith".   This is clearly expressed in Daniel Goleman's book on destructive emotions where this most renowed neuroscientist had a scientific dialogue with the Dalai Lama, showing the 2000 year old Buddhist principles to be sound.

Notwithstanding success is easier than you think, but that will depend on the quality of your thoughts and the nature of your existing paradigm.  To quote Einstein once more “education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think.”  That’s exactly what we’re doing here, a bit of mind expansion as a way of warming you up to embrace quantum success.   Still looking for a quick win or are you game for some persistence pays?

The Nature of your Thoughts

Cognito ergo sum I think therefore I am as credited to René Déscartes.  His own ponderings were complex but in short what is the substance of our thoughts, what are they made of and how do they arise?  There are a number of answers to this and some very profound and technical.  Out of courtesy and to keep you from breaking out in a sweat let us say for now that asking good questions is as crucial as trying to answer them. What we wish to draw your attention to is that trying to answer this question is like looking at an iceberg.  What we see is the smaller while the larger part is not visible to us, yet that is the part that enables buoyancy.  This is like our thoughts, which are often referred to as conscious (top of the iceberg) and unconscious (the below the water line part).

Consciously Unconscious

There is a lot to this and your quick win here will be that we keep it as simple as possible without losing the essence of this powerful understanding.   Using the iceberg metaphor you will realise that there are the thoughts you aware of and those you are not.  So which do you think are the ones that largely drive you actions?  Yes the unconscious ones, hence the many publications on the power of the subconscious mind (the mind below the conscious one that we are not aware of).   So where is your personal waterline right now?   It is wherever you consciously choose it to be!  How aware are you of what you think and why you do what you do?  What is the quality of these thoughts? One clue is found in our “habits” or “patterns”, which are driven by our programming – our thoughtware (education, upbringing, and so forth).  These are driven by your subconscious thoughts so how do we shift these?

By shifting our "thoughtware" (particularly the subconscious) we can develop new habits. Yet the reverse is also true by simply acting differently we create new thoughts, so if we change our habits (the just do it principle) they too can shift our thoughts.  This is known as brain plasticity on which much has been written in the neuro-scientific field.  So why is this critical to our success?  The answer as we know now is that our habits become our values and these become our destiny.  Put otherwise our success factor or “life situation” as Eckhart Tolle would say, is a byproduct of how we think.

This is perhaps why Nietzsche said “every extension of knowledge arises from making conscious the unconscious conscious”.  While Jung cautioned, that “the unconscious is dangerous only when our conscious attitude towards it becomes hopelessly false”.  Nothing new here though as in that Socrates famously cautioned we should “know thy self”, and that the "unexamined life was not worth living". The more contemporary translation would be that we jeopardise our potential for an extraordinary life by not knowing how we function nor appreciate we are part are part of a wider universe - or force field as per the recent findings by CERN in Switzerland.  What this red flag means is that we are not likely to reach our potential and embrace our birth right.  Don't be fooled ignorance is not bliss it's escapism.  Would you like to keep it real or would you prefer some virtual steak and fries courtesy of the matrix?

Believing in Magic

The alchemists of old maintained that turning lead into gold required more than mere knowledge, but something akin to magic, which they called alchemy.  The ancient art of alchemy was chiefly concerned with changing something of seemingly little value into something precious, of transforming lead into gold, thereby creating the “philosophers’ stone” (the “lapis philosophorum”).  Yet Carl Jung, discovered that the ancient art of alchemy was describing, in symbolic language, the journey that all of us must take towards embodying our own intrinsic wholeness, what he called the process of “individuation.”

The term individuation is also referred to as self-realisation and it is this that most of us seek without realising it.  In a more diluted form this could be described as wanting to be happy.  In our linear material world being happy tends to be associated with having things, being someone or doing something. This is certainly necessary to secure ourselves physically, but only so that we may then emancipate ourselves spiritually.  This is not here a religious term but one referring to the contemporary idea of a holistic life that opens us up to truer realities, self-knowledge and connection to the wider universe or the “whole”.

In knowing the above we can find sustainable happiness and become successful, in fact we can find serenity and joy.  So here’s the loaded question!  If money were no object, and you knew you couldn’t fail what would you do?  We bet we know what you are thinking? Money is a consideration and I don’t have this or that or know this or that or a long list of reasons why things are not working out as they could.  Here’s the good news, opportunity always knocks and whatever you think is happening “to you” is happening “for you”.  If you’re here reading this then it’s already happening!  Here now is the golden nugget in the form of quantum success where all the doors are open to all paths and to all destinations.  Would you like a ticket?

You attract who and what you are

You will no doubt be familiar to what is commonly known as the law of attraction.  Many seek to prescribe to and use this in a number of ways with varying results, often because those who teach or use it do not know enough about the underlying mechanics of how it works i.e. the “quantum” one.   In this lies the subtleties of what works and why.   In very simple terms quantum physics tells us that everything is matter and that matter is made of energy and that energy has a type of magnetic quality which means it attracts and repels its equivalent.  Some refer to this as a “frequency” and to "Us" as the vibration as the emitters of that frequency.  It’s just like a radio station where if we tune into a certain frequency we get a certain channel.   So what kind of music do you like?

If all this is starting to make some sense to you, then you may understand more fully why it is we attract what we are not what we want.   And what we are is based on our vibration and our vibration is calibrated by our thoughts, and so we come full circle.  If you are interested in leveraging the quantum code as a pathway to success then we would be happy to help you with this.  If you are also interested in knowing more about why it works, how it works and also how to use it (if self-prescription works for you) then we recommend you look at the publications by Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Candace Pert.  These are all highly reputable specialists, some hard core scientists, who have applied their knowledge to helping us all live better lives.   And if you do or don’t believe in miracles and that you are a living miracle then the book by Anitja Moorjani and her miraculous remission from terminal stage cancer will astound you.

So now you are that bit wiser what do you "think" you'd like to do with that?

  Take the Quantum Leap!