The Entrepeneur’s Edge

banner_11There are more entrepreneurs today than ever before as it's a truly exciting place to be in an increasingly uncertain world.  What characterises you as this individual is a strong desire for self expression and a need to be more in charge of your future, while positively impacting others.   As independence is a strong value for you there maybe times where you also lack resources to get things done and even become overwhelmed through unclear thinking and focus.   Knowing how to break through the clutter using smart strategies is key to sustaining the work/life ethos that is so vital to your existence.

Having mentored, coached and advised many people who describe themselves as entrepreneurs we have a visceral understanding of what it's like being there.  In fact we are also entrepreneurs ourselves and so if it takes one to know one we also understand that with great freedom comes great responsibility.

Do one of these statements describe you?

♦ You are in a job right now and wish to break out as an entrepreneur but  are finding it difficult to know where to start  

♦ You are currently a solo entrepreneur and wish to step outside of yourself for a moment to see how to go to the next level 

♦ You are running a start-up, small to medium sized business and need some help to consolidate and grow 

Let's us assume that you know what you do and where you are going, but do you clearly know who you are as a person?  Having a sense of who you are and expressing this in the right ways is vital to the critical role you have as an entrepreneur.  There can often be dissonance between our self-image and the one we project, which can in many ways impact our effectiveness and which is not often not visible to us.  We know that many entrepreneurs - especially publicly known ones - pride themselves on having well-crafted personas as if that is all it takes.   In truth it's the day to day and on the ground reality of "who" and "how" we are that determines our success.   This key driver will determine the influence we have over others and in turn the support we receive from them whether they work for us or with us.

Would you like to know what we can do for you?

In choosing to partner up with us we can help you clarify many things both in terms of you as the focal point and also your business.   Here are a few things you could expect to achieve with us:

⇒ Gain more structure in the way you work through clarity and setting priorities

⇒ Develop smart working practices and optimal personal patterns 

⇒ Gain an outside view of your business objectives, strategy and tactics 

⇒ Develop a clearer vision of where you wish to go and how to focus on it

⇒ Learn to inspire others while orienting your own inner compass

⇒ Find out how to improve your responsibility, self accountability, self- governance

⇒ Find out how to nurture your creativity, initiative and intuition in generating new opportunities

⇒ Learn to know how and when to take action towards well defined milestones

⇒ Obtain help/support with your LinkedIn profile, presentation style and auxiliary issues  

As pragmatism is also essential we work with an array of tools and techniques which combined with our practical experience will give you the structure you require to make progress.   We are truly committed to our work and our client's success and in so being choose only to work with those who have an equal commitment to themselves.

Sounds good what next?

If there is a "will" then together we shall find the "way" and yet while knowledge is power it's action that gets things done.   Wisdom is knowing the difference!

 Make Shift Happen!