Career Growth & Transition

Setting a banner_31new course in life is never easy especially when it touches the very core of who we are.   For many of us our professional roles define much of our identity, even if we escape momentarily within the realms of our personal lives. Our work is also a source of self expression, accomplishment, and purpose while enabling us to earn a living and enjoy its benefits. In light of this and our years of experience we know only too well how challenging it can be for a person to progress professionally or reinvent themselves.

Here is what's in it for you

For some, change can be moderate, while for others it can be radical, yet whichever path is taken we know that being well accompanied, guided and supported, are key to achieving the best outcomes. In choosing to partner with us we can help you find the appropriate direction to take. During our time together you will learn more about yourself and through this emergence what it is you feel you truly want.  Once the foundations are firmly set in place the action based work will then take center stage in enabling you to make the shift toward your desired outcomes.  So here are a few things you could expect to achieve with us:

⇒ A better understanding of your key competencies using proven research in this area

⇒ The promotion you feel your deserve but which has been overlooked by your managers

⇒ Learn how to  develop your negotiating skills to obtain your financial worth 

⇒ How to network more effectively both in formal and informal settings

⇒ How to build on the short term wins to anchor sustainable gains and success

⇒ Develop personal impact through greater assertiveness and self assurance.

⇒ Find a profession or vocation that is aligned with who you are and what you wish to do

⇒ Develop your creativity, initiative and intuition in generating opportunities

⇒ Know how and when to take action towards well defined milestones

⇒ Develop a clear vision of where you want to go and be empowered by it

 ⇒ Assist with your LinkedIn profile, presentation style and Curriculum Vitae 

As pragmatism is also essential we work with an array of tools and techniques which combined with our practical experience will give you the structure you require to make progress.   We are truly committed to our work and our clients' success and in so being chose only to work with those who have an equal commitment to themselves.

How to move forwards

If there is a "will" then together we shall find the "way" and yet while knowledge is power it's action that gets things done.   Wisdom is knowing the difference!

Make Shift Happen!