Our Philosophy

46226_283631375081208_743918980_nWe believe we are living in a time where nothing is a “given” in terms of the world we have known, the one we think we know and the one we are moving towards. If true this will demand that individuals increasingly live in a liquid state of adaptability, while showing increased resilience and courage. The upside of that is that there has never been a better time to embrace living in “flow states” or “peak experience”, where our creativity is at its highest.  And while we can learn more about the world around us, change really happens from within, through "self-knowledge" leading to greater self-realisation and empowerment.

While it is common to speak of change as something we manage, we see it as something to let into our lives naturally as intrinsically as the air that we breathe.  It is why when we hear someone tell us about what’s happening to them, we point out that it could actually be an opportunity happening “for” them.   As we know when one door shuts another one opens, and we very much support creating the right kind of perception and positive states in order to find new pathways.

Whilst we are passionate about helping individuals grow and reach their higher personal aims we are also very conscious of the increasing challenges that humanity faces systemically as a whole.  We like to believe that as we help people emancipate we open them up to consider the wider world.  This can also open to the collective effort that is required today in making our society, environment, economies, and planet a place in which we wish to live and be proud to hand over to generations to come.

Our Advantages your Edge

  • 1. We see you as a whole.We use Integral Life Practice principles to look at our client's situation and their lives in a holistic way. Evidence shows that our ability to impact our own lives and those of others is largely determined by the state of our body, mind, soul and shadow.
  • 2. We leverage technology. You want maximum results, which is why we keep the coaching process tight and impactful using technology. Using a no-frills Patform you can track your progress and access many support resources, while being simple and easy to use.
  • 3. We go that extra mile.We recognise that investing in your development and achieving the outcomes you seek is a big step.  That is why we do not rest until the defined success you wish for is attained.  Clarity, impact and positive outcomes are a key part of our working ethos.
  • 4. We optimize your time. One of the greatest obstacles to personal success that we see most often is a lack of time.   Being very mindful of this we ensure that we remain focused on the key areas of influence that will give you the most favourable outcomes.


What will "IS" Coaching do for You?

Trigger a multiplier effect

You will connect to your wider potential by discovering new inner resources. Releasing these will decouple your confidence, effectiveness and efficiency, which along with our support will enable you to put in place strategies for sustainable success and personal growth.

Supercharge your ambition

Whatever your usual exilir there’s nothing like success to give you that natural high. By connecting to what makes you vibrate, gives you meaning and stirs your passion, you will unleash new levels of energy. There’s nothing like being in the flow to stay on the go!

Unlock new opportunities

By having a safe space to support your emergence your will be surprised by the flow of new ideas, opportunities and new perspectives that will arise. Through meaningful conversations, the use of tools and techniques, you’ll gain new insights and inspiration.

Clarify your aims

With your talents now decoupled, your ambition poised, and new opportunities afoot, it is effective implementation that will bring it all together. Through clear objectives, a well defined process and the appropriate tools and support, your brighter future will be one step closer.

What is Coaching and why does it work?

From the acorn springs a great oak.

There are as many definitions of coaching as there are styles. Some accredit its origin to the area of sports where Tim Gallway wrote a book in 1974 called the “Inner Game of Tennis”, where he stated that the opponent in one’s head was greater than the one on the other side of the net. Yet writers such as Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra are among the popular philosophers of coaching. But the actual origins have tangled roots in all of the following: psychology, psychiatry, medicine, physics, systems theory, linguistics, therapy, hypnosis, management development, anthropology, organization development, training, selling, religion and philosophy among many others.

Coaching, whether dignified by the label or not, must be as old as human society. There is, for instance, a case for pointing out that Socrates was doing a form of coaching 2400 years ago in Greece when, according to Plato, he seems to have claimed that his only knowledge was of his own ignorance and that his role as a philosopher was analogous to that of a midwife: you do not give birth yourself but you play a vital role in enabling the mother to do so. The Socratic Method involved solving a problem through forming a question. In doing so you would be forced to look at your own beliefs, questioning their validity.

What is Mentoring and how is it different?

Success can be accelerated by leveraging the knowledge of those who have been there.

As we also provide mentoring here are a few words on the differences between the two. Through coaching you will discover more of yourself and learn how to capitalize on on your existing abilities as well as finding new ones.  Mentoring comes into play where we have specific experience in an area that we can leverage to help you go further, faster.   In other words, we can show or suggest new approaches in some of the areas you are perhaps less familiar with.

For instance, if you wish to set up a small business, would you know how to do it?  If you wanted to change careers would you want to know from someone who has?  If you wanted to reinvent your life would you know where to start?  So mentoring can be a form of accelerator where we can step on the gas where appropriate. Like coaching, it is based on partnership, trust, respect and combining our abilities to support your wider aspirations.